Manual Installation

This page helps you to install Aurora manually.


Aurora has the following requirements to function properly:

  • Node.js >= 12

  • PostgreSQL >= 12

Up and Running!

Run the following command:

git clone

Install the dependencies

cd aurora && npm install

Once you have installed the dependencies, copy the .env.example file to a .env.

cp .env.example .env

The .env file will be pre-filled with some empty keys, once you filled, run the migrate command in order to create the database schema:

npm run migrate

Now that the DB is created it's time to launch the setup!

npm run aurora:setup

This will prompt, a quick wizard, which will help you create the first user on Aurora! You will see something like this:

Aurora Setup Wizard. (With the Emoji!)

Time to Start!

Once the setup is finished, you can build the application and run the start command!

npm run build && npm run start

Now you can go to the Login Route [YOUR_URL]/auth/login and log in with the just inserted credentials!